Our Summary

In short, YTM Consultancy offers consultancy advice on all aspects of:

Recruitment & Education
• Employee/Candidate Examination Advice Services
• Pro-active Course Seminar and Material Referral

On-The-Job Sales Training
• Remedial In-House Sales Training, Advice and Support (Employers and Employees)
• Wide-range of Sectors
• City, Stockbroking and Property Sales Training
• Outbound Telephone Based Sales
• Face-To-Face Sales
• Employer Recruitment Functions
• Employee Placement Services

Financial & Business Advice
• Corporate Structure and Growth
• Business Plan Advice and Guidance
• Financial Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasting
• Accountancy Advice from ACCA/CIMA Industry Professionals
• Tax Advice from AAT Industry Professionals

Online Internet Marketing
• Creating and Building Websites
• Consumer Targeting Strategies
• Google Website Ranking and Search Engine Optimisation Strategies
• IT Assistance, Networking, PC Repair and Hardware