Rates & Charges

Generally rates are payable based on the seniority of our consultants. Our consultants are split into three categories – Senior, Intermediate or Junior Consultants. Furthermore, the rates charged can be reduced based on the length of the assignments, offering the client discounted preferential rates.

Typically we charge the following:

Hourly Rates on Consultancy
• £400 per hour – Senior Consultant
• £250 per hour – Intermediate Consultant
• £100 per hour – Junior Consultant

Commission Rates on Results
• There have also been occasions where we have charged between 5% – 30% of revenues or profits (negotiated at the time) on success resulting from our consultations
• Depending on client requirements, incentives may be put in place to incentivise both consultant and client
• New clients may be wary of paying high hourly rates on their first contract and we are always happy to discuss possible commission rates prior to any engagement

Hourly Rate & Commission
• On instruction (of say our sales training services) we will be happy to negotiate a part rate/part commission payment. Generally, high commissions payments and lower hourly rates is what one would expect
• This is something that is again agreed prior to client/consultant engagement

Recruitment Rates
• The rates and charges for our recruitment services generally depend on the type of role our client requires
• Entry Level and General Admin positions are charged at a flat rate of £1,500 per successfully filled role
• For experienced and specialist positions we charge a percentage of the basic annual salary of the role
• A probation period comes as standard with any job role fulfilled by YTM Consultancy/Chamäleon Recruitment, the probation period is negotiated at the time of contract agreement