About Us

At YTM Consultancy we are firm believers of ‘you get out what you put in’. We strive to work quickly and efficiently with our clients ensuring a high level of trust and respect is maintained throughout the duration of the agreed contract and beyond. We pride ourselves on setting objectives and targets for our clients’ businesses and working intensely to ensure that all of these targets are achieved.

At YTM Consultancy we have three strong beliefs that we always strive for:

Trust is not something generated by automated procedures or by call centres – it takes personal contact, which is exactly what YTM Consultancy offer. Once a client, your assigned consultant’s role will be to get to know you and your business, together with your corporate entity’s aims and growth objectives. Your consultant will be your primary point of contact. We place a high importance on the client/consultant relationship. Without trust a relationship cannot function.

Advice, Approachability & Sincerity
Getting to know our clients’ and their corporate structure is imperative and before any dealings are undertaken, it is our priority to get to know the overall objectives of the business entity. In turn, our advice will be specific to those needs and objectives inherent within the organisation. Our clients say that we offer a great combination of approachability and sincere advice.

Client Creation and Retention
Our expansion has been a result of both client creation and retention. Company growth has been a result of retaining existing clients whilst adding new ones. Our philosophy is simple – if you can’t keep clients, then there’s no point attracting them!